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History of the Olifantsfontein Business Forum (OBF)

Originally the OBF came into being as the OSBF, the Olifantsfontein Security and Business Forum during 1992.  It was initiated by local Olifantsfontein Businesses in response to high levels of crime within our area.  The initiative supported the South African Police Service, and members’ fees were used to assist the SAPS in their fight against crime and corruption.

This initiative paid off, and after crime was drastically reduced within our area, continued support was forthcoming and the Olifantsfontein Business Forum (OBF) a Section 21 Company, was founded to carry forward the mandate.

Current Strategy of Olifantsfontein Business Forum (OBF)

A three-pronged approach is currently the mainstay of the OBF.  We believe that we are addressing all our members’ concerns and therefore are proud to be able to assist with the following aspects.  Monitoring of Crime and Criminal trends, assisting with Infrastructure within our Area; and, “Local is Lekker”.

  1. Monitoring of Crime and Criminal Trends
    A good working relationship with our local SAPS and an open door policy exists, where we have meaningful contact with them. Monthly meetings are being held between the OBF, SAPS and SSP’s Security Service Providers) where current situations are being analysed and countermeasures agreed upon.
  2. Infrastructure in our area
    We are continually in consultation with our Metropolitan Municipality and other Governmental Agencies regarding the Infrastructure etc. within the boundaries of our area to improve services to our members.  A good working relationship has been forged with Eskom, Telkom and other to ensure speedy resolving of issues experienced by our members.
  3. Local is Lekker
    We have always subscribed to the notion that to support one of our own, is to uplift our own community.  The OBF consistently distributes a list to our members indicating what services and products are readily available in our own area, thereby promoting “Local is Lekker”.  This ensures that we support our own, within our own area.

Current Actions and Projects of the OBF

Apart from the newly established Radio Communication Project, the OBF also have a successful email mailing system, as well having accesses to a Bulk SMS system when we are time constraint to advise members of imminent power cuts or water supply interruptions.

The OBF also have this current website, and members are invited to advertise their services and/or products here.

OBF Administration

Sol Botha, Consultant to the OBF who is in charge of the day to day administration of the OBF, has fast experience within the Policing field, as he started his Police Career at the Olifantsfontein Police Station in 1978, from where he retired as the Head of the Detective Branch in 2003. Since then he is involved with the OBF.

He has also built up invaluable connections and an extended database of all role-players, within the Provincial- and Local Governmental Departments and Parastatals that service our Area, and members know that they can call on him 24/7 in any given critical situation.

The OBF Finances are being administered by Paxton Cerva, expertly run by Me Wanda Woolf.  Paxton Cerva has also been a part of the OBF since inception in 1992 and continues to give sound and safe advice on all matters financial and legal to the OBF.



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