Olifantsfontein Business Forum

The real CBD for Gauteng

During the early 1990’s our country went through a developmental stage unprecedented before.  Businesses in Olifantsfontein got together in 1992 and started the forum.

It has developed and had grown through the years into what it is today.  The OBF is managed through a Board of Directors in a Committee format, all community based businessmen, who give their time freely to meet on a regular basis.  They have acquired the services of Sol Botha, owner of Sol Botha Consultants (Pty) Ltd, also situated in Olifantsfontein to represent the Committee.  He is the “go to” person in all matters OBF related and has been doing so for the last 15 years.

Monitoring Safety

The original intent was that of being a community policing forum.  The OBF has evolved to such an extent that today we have close contact with our local SAPS, Metro Police and Security Service Providers.  We have monthly meetings at the boardroom of the SAPS where we discuss incidents and keep all informed of any problematic situations.  Our members are informed through an extensive email and bulk SMS system of any happening that might affect them and their employees.


The OBF also holds an ICASA issued a license for our handheld radio network and we have currently 42 members partaking in this project.  We have two Control Rooms based in Olifantsfontein and have immediate reactionary forces at our disposal if the need arises.


With good communication and cooperation between the OBF and its Co-Operative Partners, we achieve great results in keeping close tabs on issues within our area.  All departments of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality are represented at our quarterly meeting where we can table problematic areas and have it addressed.


We closely monitor our road surfaces, street lighting, stormwater and sewerage services.  Our electricity and water supply is stable.  As is prevalent everywhere in our Country, we do have cable thefts etc, but our turnaround time in getting it fixed can only be commended, and attributed to our good relationships with all concerned.



Local is Lekker

Why source products and services elsewhere in the country when you can get it right here, in Olifantsfontein?

We want to promote our own businesses and support them locally.

That way growth for all is achieved and new investors take note.

We are so ideally situated, right in the heart of Gauteng, that it stands to reason that we keep on developing our area.  Investment opportunities abound and property ready available.  API Holdings (Pty) Ltd, represented by Amorie Bergh in the area can be contacted for further information.


We at the Olifantsfontein Business Forum are proud of our long lasting relationships within our organization.

One such example has to be Paxton Cerva.  Since our inception in June of 1992, we have been amply supported by Wanda Woolf and her staff; ensuring that our financial status remains within all regulatory and statutory compliance.  Without their support, the OBF would not have been able to grow into the organization it has become.