After three years of respite thereof, suddenly we are faced with a Festive Season without power.   Yesterday, the last day of November 2019, the first official load shedding happened and all were a flurry.


The fact is.  Load shedding is definitely on the table, and Eskom has released the following this morning:  “Key Alert – Eskom Power System Emergency has been declared: 01/12/2018 08h50: Load shedding stage 1 (09h00-22h00) will be implemented to stabilise the system.”


In an effort to assist our Community, we have created the following links for easy access to official schedules as listed on Eskom’s as well as Ekurhuleni’s webpages.


Direct Eskom supply clients; click here for the Eskom Schedule

Ekurhuleni supply clients; click here for the Ekurhuleni Schedule


Another very useful tool is the @EskomSePush app which can be downloaded onto your smartphone or computer, for free.  It tells you all you need to know, and is much easier to navigate than the official websites Click here to download.