Soccer League

Standing as at 15 October 2018

Standing as at 28 September 2018

OBFSL 2018

Teams (in Alphabetical Order)

01. Aspen Pharmaceuticals

02. Coca Cola Bottling SA

03. Compass Medical Waste Management

04. Consol Glass

05. Corobrik

06. Festive Chickens

07. Glass Planet

08. Hulamin

09. Pioneer Foods Bokomo

10. Vesuvius

11. Villa Crop Protection

12. Zibo Containers

Dates set/sports fields booked

Month Date Event

May 12 OBFSL First Round

May 19 OBFSL Second Round

June 09 OBFSL Third Round

June 23 OBFSL Fourth Round

July 07 OBFSL Fifth Round

July 21 OBFSL Sixth Round

August 18 Diski Top 8 Soccer Day


12 May 2018; Saturday

Field # A 11h00 Compass vs Vesuvius
13h00 Aspen vs Zibo Containers
15h00 CCBSA vs Villa Crop

Field # B 11h00 Festive Chickens vs Glass Planet
13h00 Corobrik vs Hulamin
15h00 Consol vs Pioneer Foods

Results Compass 1 Vesuvius 3
Aspen 1 Zibo 1
CCBSA 0 Villa Crop 4
Festive 6 Glass Planet 0
Corobrik 0 Hulamin 2
Consol 2 Pioneer Food 2

19 May 2018; Saturday

Field # A 11h00 Zibo Containers vs Festive Chickens
13h00 Glass Planet vs Corobrik
15h00 Pioneer Foods vs Compass

Field # B 11h00 Hulamin vs Consol
13h00 Villa Crop vs Aspen
15h00 Vesuvius vs CCBSA

Results Zibo 0 Festive 4
Glass Planet 1 Corobrik 0
Pioneer Food 1 Compass 2
Hulamin 1 Consol 1
Villa Crop 3 Aspen 0
Vesuvius 4 CCBSA 0

09 June 2018; Saturday

Field # A 11h00 Aspen vs Vesuvius
13h00 Corobrik vs Festive Chickens
15h00 CCBSA vs Pioneer Foods

Field # B 11h00 Consol vs Glass Planet
13h00 Compass vs Hulamin
15h00 Villa Crop vs Zibo Containers

Results Aspen 0 Vesuvius 4
Corobrik 2 Festive Chickens 3
CCBSA 3 Pioneer Foods 3
Consol 2 Glass Planet 1
Compass 5 Hulamin 1
Villa Crop 6 Zibo Containers 1

23 June 2018; Saturday

Field # A 11h00 Vesuvius vs Consol
13h00 Glass Planet vs Zibo Containers
15h00 Aspen vs CCBSA

Field # B 11h00 Villa Crop vs Compass
13h00 Hulamin vs Festive Chickens
15h00 Pioneer Food vs Corobrik

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